Fast-Paced Tours vs A Leisurely One

Today’s chronicle will compare a fast-paced tour versus a leisurely one.

It is important to carefully consider the tour operators indication of the pace of a tour.  They have many reasons and many passengers who have categorized the tour at the directed pace.

The Image Tours, Inc. Heart of Europe Grand Tour is an eight country, 22 day adventure with two-day stops in eight of the twelve cities.  Seemingly that would seem to be enough of a breather in each city to feel a slower pace, not only with the tour group but also with free time.  However, if you should choose to embark on every ‘Optional Excursion’ offered during the tour, whether it is an all-day excursion to Venice or a Dinner & Cabaret show in the evening, you will be on the move.

In contrast, the Germany, Austria, Switzerland Tour also offered by Image Tours spends 15 days in only those three countries.  This means that you are 2-days in every stay and traveling distance is less and more focused on a specific area.  But don’t worry; you will not be at a loss for an adventure or activity to participate in!

Everyone has their own speed when it comes to enjoying a vacation.   Stroll around the city with a brisk walk or slow stroll with your free time, or a structured and guided excursion to all the monuments & sights.

Active, or leisurely, it’s all about how YOU want to experience the adventure! 

Don’t forget, you have plenty of time to sleep on the plane ride home!