A Previous Travelers Suggestions

I always encourage previous travelers to send in suggestions, comments & tips on traveling.  A recent traveler has done just that.  After taking a tour with Image Tours on their Heart of the Europe Circle Tour® she came up with these 5 very useful recommendations.   

 Cell Phones:

Having a data plan while in Europe was far more useful than a calling plan.  I was able to use my data plan to access maps that showed my current location no matter where I was.  Having data also ensured I had access to email at all times.  If you use a phone as your primary camera it is good to keep in mind that you may have very limited storage/memory.  I suggest saving your photos somewhere else before leaving in case you need to delete old photos to make room for new ones.

 Converters & Adapters:  

Adapters are absolutely necessary.   Most people probably don’t need a converter.    A lot of small electronic devices that charge via USB do not need a converter.  It is not expensive to buy one there if you find you really do need one.

 Battery Pack:

A USB battery pack is a great investment while traveling.  Charge up the battery pack overnight then you can use it to charge most of your electronic devices as needed throughout the day.  If you keep the battery pack close throughout the day you can be confident that you will have power to do whatever you need to, like check a map or make a call. Battery packs MUST travel in your carry on as lithium batteries cannot be in checked luggage.


Roller cases are too big to fit on the coach, nearly all are too tall to even get under the seats. Anything with a ridged frame is going to end up taking away most if not all of your legroom. You want something easy to carry that will not get in your way like a small backpack or messenger bag. A smaller bag means you do have to prioritize and only put in your carry on what you really need. This helps keep you organized and your essentials right at your fingertips


I had my fitness tracker on during the entire tour and I did some rough estimates based on how much I walked each day of the tour.  The minimum daily walking with only the absolute basics, stopping at a café after every walking tour, and heading back to the bus was at least 1 mile a day (on average about 2500 steps).  My average activity level, assuming most people will want to walk around a bit, was about 3 miles per day (around 7,600 steps at a moderate pace).