Phone Data Plans

It’s time to discuss International Talk, Text, and Data charges!

In comparing AT&T, Verizon & T-Mobile all Three offer International add-on packages.

There is no need to toss out an over-whelming amount of numbers and prices so I have narrowed it down to what I would suggest as the best option for each carrier, for the average user. 

Please verify with your carrier that your phone is capable of making international calling.  If so, see the plans below.

AT&T International Day Pass - $10/day

Take your talk, text, and data plan to over 100 countries for a low daily fee. Pay the daily fee only for the days you use abroad. Get unlimited calls within International Day Pass countries and back to the U.S. and unlimited texts to the world at no additional charge. Now staying connected while abroad is simpler than ever. Add to each device once and it’s available whenever you travel in included international countries.

Verizon TravelPass - $10/day

TravelPass lets you use your domestic talk, text and data allowances while traveling outside the US in more than 185 countries for a low daily rate. Instead of paying per minute, message or MB, you'll be charged a flat rate with TravelPass. Your usage will be deducted from your domestic plan allowances just like when you’re in the US. Note: TravelPass isn't available on cruise ships and non-covered countries. Visit our TravelPass countries page for more information.

T-Mobile Simple Choice International Plan  - $Free

You’re in luck with the Simple Choice International plan from T-Mobile, you step off the plane and you’ll have unlimited data and texting.  This is all at no extra charge to you if you already have a Simple Choice plan.   Your phone calls are just $0.25 a minute.  If you are a T-Mobile customer please call and ask more about the Simple Choice Options as they can change at any time. 

As a rule of thumb during travel I will typically wait for a Wi-Fi connection to use the internet.  If you are not careful 300MB of data can go pretty quickly.  Use the data allowance as a backup when there is no Wi-Fi to be found. 

You may also want to put your phone on airplane mode or completely turn it off until you plan on using it.  If you are a smartphone user, apps maybe working in the background using up data, or an unexpected phone call (a.k.a. pocket dialing) will have a bill waiting for you at home.